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We Protect The Things You Treasure
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          Formed in 1984, FBN Systems, Inc., has served the Northern Ohio area for over a quarter of a century. 

          We have diligently strived to provide solid, reliable and easy to use equipment and maintain a “family” attitude towards the thousands of people that have carefully selected us to protect their families and businesses. The success of our business has always been our long term employees, and their positive, friendly and helpful attitudes towards our customers.

          As technology has changed and advanced over the years, it has always been a challenge to stay current, and at the same time ( using our magic crystal ball ) select manufacturers and equipment that will stand the test of time and not fizzle out and become outdated or unusable in a few years. We have been fortunate to have made excellent choices in the past and strive to do the same for the coming future.

          This web site is designed to help you make informed decisions regarding the multiple ways that systems can be designed. There is no “rubber stamp“ design for a system. Each individual one requires a site survey, and a dialog between yourself and an experienced designer that can effectively create a “fortress“ to detect and deter undesirables from ruining your day. There is a fine line between creating that comfortable, secure, fortress feeling, verses a complicated, poorly designed, prison atmosphere that scares you away from ever turning it on. Remember, if it’s not turned on, it cannot do its job! Our extensive experience allows us to create a great, reliable, and easy to use system that you will be happy and confident with for many years to come.

The most important first step towards your own individual security system
is to call .. 
330-722-5276 .. and arrange for a personal consultation
to design a custom system that  will suite your  unique needs.

For all of your Security or Communication needs, we are here to help!

Residential or Commercial, Burglar alarm, Fire alarm, Closed circuit TV, Card access, Telephone and Voice mail systems, Computer network wiring, Personal emergency systems, Environmental water and temperature systems, and Driveway vehicle sensors.

We look forward to your call !        Sincerely, Thomas Doyle

We protect the things you treasure !